Gold no.7

wildfire painting
wildfire painting
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Gold no.7

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This series of wildfires with gold leaf consists of 12 small paintings using the gold as bright sunlight, flames, or embers. Each piece called for something different as Annastasha worked with gold leaf. She wanted to bring the brightness and warmth of fire and the sun to her painting process and felt gold leaf did just that.

As she created this series, different symbolism came to her mind while using the gold. The main thought being about a refiner's fire.

When refining gold, it must go through several heatings as extreme temperatures to eliminate the impurities. After large and consistent amounts of heat, the gold becomes pure and reflective.

These pieces are reminders of that process--refining gold--and how extreme hear creates beautiful and our things. Wildfires burn at amazing temperatures destroying, yet purifying, creating a clear landscape for new life. The sun too burns at unbelievable temperatures, yet the heat and light gives and sustains life.

The use of gold leaf further reminds us to find value in all our experiences and challenges. Gold, being such a precious and valuable resource, and our life experiences being worth more than gold. We learn, grow, and change through our challenges but do we see them as valuable? Do we recognize how our hardest times have been the ones that have shaped us greater than we realized at the time? 

Reflecting on the process of nature and applying that to our lives is something Annastasha's work strives for. Her work is a reminder to stay strong in our toughest battles, and to look up and onward, having a long term perspective of our life-changing challenges. 


This piece will catch your eye everyday and be a unique and meaningful addition to your home.

Oil paint & gold leaf 4x4x .25 inch on birch panel.

Ready for your favorite frame. 

Original paintings, created in 2018.


Please allow 2 weeks until receiving your piece. Some pieces need to finish drying and have a varnish added. Thank you for your patience!