I witnessed wildfires in California throughout my childhood and saw miles of smoke clouds and charred earth. But after these fires I observed nature's resilience and regeneration. Throughout life we each experience unimaginable challenges. But with these hardships, we learn and discover that we are RESILIENT. We can progress, grow, and change with the challenges life brings. These wildfire paintings are symbolic of life challenges and finding courage, strength, and hope in facing our personal disasters. We need challenges—just like all things in nature—to learn, change, and grow. We can choose to find meaning and transformational beauty in our life experiences. 

I am a mellow soul who was born and raised in California, graduated from BYU Utah in 2010, and currently reside in coastal North Carolina. Life has been a whirlwind since graduation, but that hasn't stopped my passion for painting and enjoying the uniqueness of each place I live. I am a mother to two baby girls in heaven--Daisy and Poppy--and two living sons, a thyroid cancer survivor, and military spouse.

Creating art has been a saving grace through the challenges and change. I love to travel, especially to see new landscape and art. I love nature. I love colors. I love to wander museums and obsess over art. I know art is my calling in life, it makes me so happy! And I absolutely love connecting with people through art and meeting other artists. 

Due to the season of life I am in, mother of young boys and preparing for an International move and life, MY SHOP will be CLOSING May 1, 2019. Any future available pieces will be accessible only to newsletter subscribers.


Questions and Inquires:  contact@ANNASTASHA.com