GOLD FIRE MUGS--The Collection

We are excited to finally share our entire collection of Gold Fire Mugs with you. These have been a labor of love, dreams, and excitement. It has been wonderful to work together as artists and friends on this collaboration. We can’t thank you enough for your support and excitement over these mugs.

Mercedes LOVES to make mugs. She loves creating functional artwork that is used everyday and part of a well-crafted life. She believes in a slow, nature and earth-inspired lifestyle and strives to share that through her ceramic artwork. 

I love to paint scenes of wildfires, inspired by nature’s process of destruction and renewal. The transformation and power of the landscape is what I love to share in my artwork. My wildfire landscape scenes are symbols of facing our fears and challenges with faith and hope. 

Combining both our love of working with ceramics—taking mud and firing it to create a beautiful and functional piece of art—and the love of what nature offers us in life lessons, we present our first series of Gold Fire Mugs