Painting A California Sunset


As you know, I'm on my Art & Adventure trip! If you don't know what that's about, it's a trip I'm on for the next 2 months. My goal is to reconnect to the western landscape through painting, photographing, and drawing this land that inspires me and is the basis of my artwork. I'm also hoping to catch wildfires within this peak time in the fire season. 

I've been in California now for a week and have already had a chance to go out and paint sunsets 3 times. Yay!!! I'm still tracking and watching wildfires. There currently are no big ones accessible within a 2-3 hour driving radius. So I'm waiting. I've got a few weeks left but I'm sure I'll see some before I leave. The land is extremely dry here in southern California. (And as I'm posting this, I'm actually headed out to catch a wildfire that just started yesterday.)

For now, I just wanted to share a quick little video I did of my first venture out to paint. 

I seriously am in love with the colors, vegetation, and shape of the land. It all feels like home to me. I grew up around all this and it makes my heart happy to be here and be studying this land. And of course being with family has been wonderful. It's taken a small army of friends and family to help support me in this endeavor. If only I could fully explain just how much has gone into this trip, it makes my head spin. I'm feeling lucky to have this opportunity even though my husband and I are on the opposite sides of this big planet.

Thank you for those of you who have helped me get out here. I'm lucky to have someone like you that loves my work and supports my ideas and dreams. I really hope I can make a small difference in this world by inspiring and motiving others to live with faith in hope despite dark and difficult times.